Body-Psychotherapy (On-, Offline & Hybrid)


My practice is grounded in body psychotherapy, a holistic approach that recognizes the connection between mind and body in the healing process. I incorporate the principles of Hakomi, a mindfulness-based method that encourages clients to explore their inner experiences and beliefs. In addition, I use gestalt techniques that focus on increasing self-awareness, presence and personal responsibility.

My approach is being-oriented, which means that I prioritize your experience of being. Through my therapeutic practice, I aim to facilitate healing and growth by supporting you in reconnecting with yourself and your body. By guiding you towards a deeper understanding of your experiences and remembering who you really are.

Systemic Constellations


Family constellations, also known as systemic constellations, is a therapeutic approach that aims to address unresolved family issues and patterns that may be affecting an individual’s current life. It is based on the belief that families function as a system and any disruption in the system can have long-lasting consequences for the members. In a family constellation session, the individual or a group of individuals creates a physical representation of their family members and relationships using objects or people. By examining the positions, movements and interactions of objects or people, I help you gain insight into your family dynamics and identify possible sources of conflict or problems. By acknowledging and addressing these underlying family dynamics, you can find greater peace and redemption in your life. Family constellations can be used to address a wide variety of issues, including family conflicts, emotional and mental health issues, and even physical health issues.

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