Frederik Ananda Vimal Krups


Born October 27, 1986 in Palo Alto, CA, USA

Raised near Solingen, NRW, Germany

And grew up mostly north of Copenhagen, Denmark

Short Version

2019 Consulting Think with Jens Rinteln on sociocratic self-managing operations, Non-Violent-Communication culture, and effective meeting practices.

2018  Self-Management Consultant, Bringing transparency,  and a culture of consent – No one-size fits all. Action Aid Denmark

2016-2018 (Re-)Start-up and orchestration of a community, a seminar House incl.  own events, festivals, retreats and workshops and a 0.5 ha bio dynamic vegetable garden – De Vlierhof

2016 – Art & Business BA – Alanus Hochschule

2015-2016 Dragon Dreaming introduction and intensive workshop – Dragon Dreaming

2015 – Addictions Counseling CAC1 – The Oddysey Training Center

2013-2015 – Tibetan Buddhism and Psychology BA – Naropa Univesity

 2011-2013Stage builder & Runner on film sets

2008-2009 – Chef in trainin – Restaurant Piu, Amsterdam & Leila Backstage Catering, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2007-2008 – The student program and The therapist program – The Humaniversity

Long Version

My Inner journey started with a break-down of identification with who I thought when I was, during high school, when I was 18. The break down led to a deep inquiry into my own sexuality, truth and and asking the question who am I before going outside again?

I was introduced to Kabir Jaffe, a therapist, teacher and neo-sanyassin, through my father, who guided the transformation and awakening I was going through. I went to India to Osho’s Meditation Resort, where I got into the dynamic meditations, more therapy and met people from the Therapeutic community, The Humaniversity in The Netherlands. I dove deeply into experimenting with the dynamic meditation, meditations from the book of secrets and other active meditations for the coming two years. I spent a year off and on at the humaniversity healing emotional wounds and feeling OK about my nature – including my sexuality .

Kabir suggested I live in a conscious field and recommended Naropa University. I had resistance to going and went to live in the Osho Mevlana Commune in Amsterdam with my friend Bastiaan instead.

It was here that I had my first climpse of who I am (or rather who I’m not), after having meditated intensely for years a quantum leap or rather an implosion. This brought me into a peaceful, untouched and silent place a few cm beneath my belly-button, where a nothingness is still an untouchable.

I went deeper into this silent state by experimenting with jogging, yet was eventually pushed by life to live my life by doing outer work.

I worked for the following year as first a dishwasher, then a cold-dish chef and later on as a catering chef.

It was during that time that I met Rajneesh who further propelled my consciousness into realizing who we really are. Meeting Rajneesh, deepened my trust in self-inquiry. His biography demonstrated being in but not of the world.  It was he who gave me the name Sw. Ananda Vimal.

After Meeting Rajneesh I decided to go back to Denmark for some reason, where I got sucked into old patterns, made some mistakes, and had difficulties balancing the inner with the outer life.

I fell as low as High as I had risen and spent two years in a downward spiral only to slowly but steadily pull myself out and up of this low.

I worked as a runner (on film sets) and stage builder a bit in Copenhagen, remembered Naropa University and applied to study there. I got accepted yet postponed the start for a year to integrate into the alternative scene in Copenhagen.

I then went to study Tibetan Buddhism and Psychology in Boulder, CO, USA for the following 1,5 years. Building fences and testing software to make a living on the side. I went to weekly japanese tea ceremonies and dived deeply into buddhism. Not only the shambhla path, but I was in particular drawn to Dzogchen.

I went back to Europe on my summer holidays and decided to go to a sufi camp in the alps where I met someone who pointed out there was someone in the middle of Germany offering psychology internships to students. I was searching a way to gain insights into working practically with people.  I applied and did this Internship with Andreas Neerav Koch and lived in the Osho Parimal community for a year. I could not really find my footing professionally here and I could not see myself studying psychology for another 6 years before I would be legally aloud to work with people as a psychotherapist in Germany. I decided to study art and Business at the Alanus Hochschule instead. Walking partly in the footsteps of my family linneage.

I got accepted, dropped Naropa, and studied art and business for a semester. I wanted to contribute to a movement and I somehow did not want to contribute to the student movement, as it felt limited by an educational system, so I was searching, and my ex-girlfriend asked to meet at Vlierhof which was and is an off-spring of the Global Eco-Village Movement and the founder happened to have lived on the Humaniversity and had a sanyas name too. The eco-village and sanyas movement I could see myself contribute to.

I committed to staying there for the coming two to three years to transform, myself furhter, the place and its community. Here i could apply all my studies practically. Learning about legal entities, finances, group dynamics, facilitation, governance, organizational development, entrepreneurship, project management, HR, book-keeping, and the list goes on. I believe I attracted this place into my life while reading the book: my childhood with Gurdjieff, which is an account of Gurdjieff’s spiritual community outside Paris, France. The institute for the harmonious development of Man it was called.

Since Vlierhof I work as a freelance organizational orchestrator. Specializing in self-organized management, and turning workplaces into holisti, creative communities.

My emphasis lies on musical and playful operations that deliver and trans-personal development of the members of these work communities.