Frederik Ananda Vimal Krups


Born October 27, 1986 in Palo Alto, CA, USA

Raised near Solingen, NRW, Germany

And grew up mostly north of Copenhagen, Denmark

Short Version

  • 2018-Present  Self-Management Consultant, Bringing transparency,  and cultue of consent. No one-size fits all. Therefor tailoring a costumized fit for Action Aid Denmark
  • 2016-2018 (Re-)Start-up and orchestration of a community, a seminar House incl.  own events, festivals, retreats and workshops and a 0.5 ha bio dynamic vegetable garden – De Vlierhof

2016 – Art & Business BA – Alanus Hochschule

2015-2016 Dragon Dreaming introduction and intensive workshop – Dragon Dreaming

2015 – Addictions Counseling CAC1 – The Oddysey Training Center

2013-2015 – Tibetan Buddhism and Psychology BA – Naropa Univesity

 2011-2013Stage builder & Runner on film sets

2008-2009 – Chef in trainin – Restaurant Piu, Amsterdam & Leila Backstage Catering, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2007-2008 – The student program and The therapist program – The Humaniversity

Long Version

My Inner journey started with a break-down of identification with who I thought when I was, during high school, when I was 18. The break down led to a deep inquiry into my own sexuality, truth and and asking the question who am I before going outside again?

I was introduced to Kabir Jaffe, a therapist, teacher and neo-sanyassin, through my father, who guided the transformation and awakening I was going through. I went to India to Osho’s Meditation Resort, where I got into the dynamic meditations, more therapy and met people from the Therapeutic community, The Humaniversity in The Netherlands. I dove deeply into experimenting with the dynamic meditation, meditations from the book of secrets and other active meditations for the coming two years. I spent a year off and on at the humaniversity healing emotional wounds and feeling OK about my nature – including my sexuality .

Kabir suggested I live in a conscious field and recommended Naropa University. I had resistance to going and went to live in the Osho Mevlana Commune in Amsterdam with my friend Bastiaan instead.

It was here that I had my first climpse of who I am (or rather who I’m not), after having meditated intensely for years a quantum leap or rather an implosion. This brought me into a peaceful, untouched and silent place a few cm beneath my belly-button, where a nothingness is still an untouchable.

I went deeper into this silent state by experimenting with jogging, yet was eventually pushed by life to live my life by doing outer work.

I worked for the following year as first a dishwasher, then a cold-dish chef and later on as a catering chef.

It was during that time that I met Rajneesh who further propelled my consciousness into realizing who we really are. Meeting Rajneesh, deepened my trust in self-inquiry. His biography demonstrated being in but not of the world.  It was he who gave me the name Sw. Ananda Vimal.

After Meeting Rajneesh I decided to go back to Denmark for some reason, where I got sucked into old patterns, made some mistakes, and had difficulties balancing the inner with the outer life.

I fell as low as High as I had risen and spent two years in a downward spiral only to slowly but steadily pull myself out and up of this low.

I worked as a runner (on film sets) and stage builder a bit in Copenhagen, remembered Naropa University and applied to study there. I got accepted yet postponed the start for a year to integrate into the alternative scene in Copenhagen.

I then went to study Tibetan Buddhism and Psychology in Boulder, CO, USA for the following 1,5 years. Building fences and testing software to make a living on the side. I went to weekly japanese tea ceremonies and dived deeply into buddhism. Not only the shambhla path, but I was in particular drawn to Dzogchen.

I went back to Europe on my summer holidays and decided to go to a sufi camp in the alps where I met someone who pointed out there was someone in the middle of Germany offering psychology internships to students. I was searching a way to gain insights into working practically with people.  I applied and did this Internship with Andreas Neerav Koch and lived in the Osho Parimal community for a year. I could not really find my footing professionally here and I could not see myself studying psychology for another 6 years before I would be legally aloud to work with people as a psychotherapist in Germany. I decided to study art and Business at the Alanus Hochschule instead. Walking partly in the footsteps of my family linneage.

I got accepted, dropped Naropa, and studied art and business for a semester. I wanted to contribute to a movement and I somehow did not want to contribute to the student movement, as it felt limited by an educational system, so I was searching, and my ex-girlfriend asked to meet at Vlierhof which was and is an off-spring of the Global Eco-Village Movement and the founder happened to have lived on the Humaniversity and had a sanyas name too. The eco-village and sanyas movement I could see myself contribute to.

I committed to staying there for the coming two to three years to transform, myself furhter, the place and its community. Here i could apply all my studies practically. Learning about legal entities, finances, group dynamics, facilitation, governance, organizational development, entrepreneurship, project management, HR, book-keeping, and the list goes on. I believe I attracted this place into my life while reading the book: my childhood with Gurdjieff, which is an account of Gurdjieff’s spiritual community outside Paris, France. The institute for the harmonious development of Man it was called.

Since Vlierhof I work as a freelance organizational orchestrator. Specializing in self-organization / management, and turnign workplaces into soulfull and productive communities of practice..