Awaking is a process of transfromation. An exploration of our unconscioiusmind by becoming alert to what is. An exploration of the inner world. Many explorers have explored before, and have made an attempts at mapping the terretory, but as the saying goes: “the map is not the territory”. These maps might be good pointers, but they won’t be the territory of the innter landscape. This inner exploration is therefor partly an exploration into the unknown. Into the unknowable.

A lot of people long for a healthy and sustanaible life. The systems we have created consciously as well as unconsciously are currently not sustaining life as we know it. Species are dying, the climate is changing, the global north throws eadible food out while parts of the global south is starving to death. All these are outer manifestations of what goes on inside. We are the world and the world is us and there is really no inside and no outside at a certain point. You come to the same source whether you go totally outside or totally inside. Eventually going inside will go outside and going outside will go inside.

One can’t exist without the other. This is a simple law governing this dualistic life of the mind. Lao Tzu described it well. You create the ugly with beauty and poor with rich. These polarities are inseparable. The brilliant tool, our mind, projects these polarities and prefers either the one extreme or the other. We defend and fight for this extreme, when we identify with this projection of the mind. This is THE right way to go even though this polarity can only exist because of its opposite.

So the first step once a somewhat safe and secure frame has been put in place, is to go inside. Our bodies and personalities are vihecles for love and light through which this love and light can mirror itself. Eventually return to where this comes from. There are so many different ways to do this, and it really depends on the type of your vehicle. Some vihecles prefer entering the inner landscape through feelings and sensations. Other through attentive awareness of what is. Both will meet eventually as the source is the source nomatter what.

Ways to go In, Down and Up

Body and emotions:

Body psychotherapeutic techniques to release tensions stored in the bodies. To open up to love and life as it was meant to flow. Bioenergetics, core energetics, rolfing, yoga etc. Some of these ways lay their emphasis on the physcal body, while others move through several bodies. It is really about coming in touch with our esssnece.

Maps for the thearpeutic landscape
Core energetics:

The Four Phases of the Core Energetics Approach: An Evolutionary Therapy

Bio Energetics:

Jungian Dreamwork

Wilhelm Reich:



Mental & Physical

This is a more clinical approach where we direct our attention with an intention. We direct our attention to the present moment through the senseperceptions of the body. This has been taught by Gautama the Buddha and the flowers of his garden (metaphorically speaking) for 2.500 years. There are many nuances to these teaching. Many combinations of cultural influences like for Example hindu and the shamanistic bön tradition. A lot has been discovered and written down and some writings and maps might contradict each other.

In essence mindfulness is simple directing our attention with the intetion to be present hernow through our sense perceptions, and to notice whenever who we are unconscously identifies with the thoughts of the mind which are always from the past, in the past or the futre, yet never exactly in this moment.

Through our sense perceptions we can be present herenow as the sense percetions are always registering what is here now. This i physically speaking. Once we have anchored our awarenes in the here and now, we can expand our awareness to other bodies. Namely the emotional body, and the mental body.

What happens is that our consciousness constantly unconsciously out of habit identifies with a thought or a feeling and through this identification our bodies act.

you intend to sit for 20 min. yet suddenly you find you looking at our phone. What happened? This is what I mean with unconscious. A lot of our behavior is automatic.

M Guatama the buddha once said that thoughts that turn into habits are like lines you draw in the sand. The more you think a thought which leads to an action the deeper you draw the line. Then imagine your life energy being water flower rthrough this sand. The water or our lives will because of its nature and the laws of gravity flow where the lines are drawn.

So this is where descipline comes in. But how doe we master our min instead of being slaves of our minds?

M Another metaphor for the inner life is a chariot (the body), with the kutcher (being the mind, the horse (the emotions), and the people transported inside our conditioning. Yet who is the true master of this chariot. The master is. This master can also be called higher self, true self, the source, God, etc.

So designing our own descipline or way to master our bodymind. to harmonize our bodymind is up to you. It really depends on the indivudal preferences of your vehicle. You are not suppose to fit the descipline the descipline is supposed to fit you.

Techniques and Methods
Vipassana – conscious walking mediation

Watching the breath, thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations

Pointing out point in

Tai Chi

Chi Gong

Maps of the inner landscape


Tibetan Buddhism

(Back) Out

So you need to take time to go in and this going in totally will transform you. as darkness is transformed by light. the potential darkness is light and the potenial of light is darkness. This transformation and awakenign will open your thrid eye. It will tune your attenas and empty yourself for fresh and clean water which wants to stream through this earth. Yet we need to wipe away those old habits which don’t serve life as it wants to live. We need to draw new lines in the sand. And this is where we manifest life as it wants to live. As our hearts feel is in alignment with life. Many lines in the sand put together can be considered a system. This system needs to be adjustable accoding to life.

So let me give you two examples of how differently we can go out. How we can create systems and structures to serve life or to destroy. take a classic old school cooperation as a system which stresses its employees, triggers fear, power struggles and incentives compitation. Which is more animalistic than human. and the a network of friendly people who deal with their conflicts, decide together so that everyone’s needs are heard and incorporated in decisions, well aware of the needs that need to be met through this organization. Both a organizations or systems which have been created to serve needs, but how these are designed, from which place they are designed is compleley differnet. This is why going in is so important before going out because else your creation is unconscious. It is conditioning recreating itself unaware of the present moment.

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