The Mirror of the Mind

There was this young man in his 30s looking for himself. He had been looking for himself since his identity crisis with the age of 19. He found his Mind reflected in his surroundings. Truths of his personality, and what was alive in him. His interests, his desires, messages to himself – basically his subjective experiencing. He kept looking at the signs, the messages, what was reflected, as he wanted to know himself until one day when he was looking at himself for hours in the mirror. Who was he ? he aksed. What was watching his breath, his thoughts, his feelings? Something ungraspable… again he looked for signs in the mirror and dis-covered that his arm were crossed and his finger was pointing in a direction. He thought that maybe where his finger was pointing was his subconscious signaling him where to go, but he was confused. The direction he got from his mirror image was a different one than the direction his actual finger was pointing. Since that day he has been more intimate with himself and less lost in the mirroring of the mind. At least when he does not forget – at wakeful times…. Like this post is a reflection of an experience without an experiencer.

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