Systemic Constellations

A systemic constellation is a means to externalize your internal world by choosing objects to represent these aspects of your family of origin or personality.

If it is your family you are working with then you can place any object in a representaional way. These objects like the figures in the image above then symbolicly represent those family members. It is important to notice in which way the family members look. How close are they to each other? Where do you place yourself in relation to the other family members. Externalizing and mapping out your family in this way can give you valuable insights into yourself within the context of your familily and the family dynamics in general.

Family constellations are governed by the following principles:

  • Belonging – Everyone has the right to belong to the family system
  • Balance – The system flows when a balance between giving and taking is found
  • Natural Hierarchy – A chilld is a child and a parent is a parent. These hierachical roles might be swopped or confused.

Once you’ve set your constellation you tune into yourself by sensing or feeling into what it’s like for you within the conext of the constellation.

I, as a facilitator of the constellation, will ask you phenomological questions and might ask you to say or express certain things if they resonate with you to the objects representing your family members. You might be surprised what looking at a figure representing your mother, father or sibling might trigger in you.

I will then, guided by the above princples, ask you to perform certain actions or move the figures to reestablish the flow of love and order of the family system.

By the end of the session you issue or entanglement should be resolved or you’ve found peace and understanding with the situation as it is.

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