You might be used to take the lead on projects or to support projects or whatever your comfort zone might be, yet is this serving the system, is this serving the whole? Is the challening you to grow? I don’t think so. That is why role rotation is needed. Not only for that reason but also because things change, people change, new people come, old people leave and as life evolves the leadership will have to evolve as well.

I used to take the lead on Projects within this eco-community I used to facilitate and live at. I had organized A successful retreat, which has been praised, and transformed people, and the time had come for another retreat to be dreamed up and organized. As I invited to the reteat and expected everyone to follow my lead it turned out the voices of other co-creators drew more attention. The center of attention shifted and at first my ego was wrestling, yet I had committed to surrendering to the flow and to trust the process. As there was some discussion about who to lead and that we definately would need a lead for the process to feel safe for some participants, we elected a lead. And guess what – it was not me. I was part of the team but not the project lead.

I felt hurt at first, then relief and then enjoyed my new role. I did not have all the responsiblity on my shoulders and I could watch the show and mentor the new captain and the crew when I was listend to.

Since then I’ve come across the FLO model, which consists of four roles: CAptain (The project lead), The Mentor and/or Coach, The left hand (next in line to lead) and the right hand (second to next in line to lead).

The following graphs attempt at visualizing how these roles work:

I did not know of this model before making sense of my role within the project, but this model explains exactly what we did without having defined the model and roles (beside the captain – projet/retreat lead).

I want to add that the mentor has experience which the captain can benifit from, yet the create authority of the project has to be the source of the idea. The origninal channel for the project. The project owner so to say.

Coming back to my story: I began enjoying and valueing the experience I had gained and could from a compassionate place mentor the new captain. My ego vanished, and the team members enganged themselves and were highly motivated. The retreat did not turn out as successful as the previous retreat in terms of revenue and participants, but the organizing team bonded and celebrated what they had co-created.

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  1. Sounds familiar ! But does work independently from the circumstances of a project. In practice the potential Captains will take the lead anyway.

  2. Can you describe the circumstances you refer to? can you give an example ?
    Perhaps then I can understand your question better and respond more pricesely.

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