on food…

Food is a gift. Gifted by the earth in abundance. First and foremost this gift needs to be acknowledged. When you receive a gift from the heart to the heart then it is often received with a thank you, and gratitude. But why is this gift gifted? what is it gifted for?

Life is serving you to serve itself. Life longs for itself. That life recognizes itself for what it is. So how do we acknowledge and recognize this gift from life?

By intending to direct our attention to our senses and thereby opening them. Our senses are always in the present moment. Always here now, where life is, as  it is… So, seeing the food, the bowl or plate the food is on. Really looking at it. Like a baby seeing the world for the first time. BEginners mind. Smelling the food, really smelling the food. Slowing down. Taking the time to taste the food. Chewing the food thoroughly. Noticing how it is swollowed down the through and lands in the stomach. The aftertaste of a bite, while listening to the sounds of the boards, the cars, the people, the movement. Just listening, while watching the breath, going in and how, shallow and deep, high and low . Just watching the breathing, feeling the body.

The practice is the eating itself  through the gateway of the sense perceptions, we awaken ourselves to recognize ourselves for who we are, and who and what we are not. This is why we eat . And not only when we eat, but from the following moment to the next moment… Here now.


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