The individual Track

We work together as individuals. I give you pointers, remind you of what you’ve forgotten and ask you deepening questions to get to the roots of your challenges

The Collective Track

I work together with you and your team/organization/network to transform what needs to transform and evolve what can evolve.

How does it work?

  1. You make a request
  2. You share your challenges, desired outcome of a collaboration, and your needs.
  3. I design an offer and share my needs
  4. you provide feedback to the offer
  5. The offer is adjusted if needed
  6. We design, plan and execute
  7. We evaluate
  8. I design an offer and share my needs
  9. You provide feedback to the offer
  10. The offer is adjusted if needed
  11. We design, plan and execute
  12. We evaluate



  1. Being in the world but not of the world.
  2. Setting up and faciliting the co-creation of holistic, transparent, trust-based eco-systems/networks/organizations that empower and enable individuals and groups to consciously create, grow, and transform.
  3. Compassionately coaching and consulting you who want to or already work from the heart yet want to sharpen your intention.



Organizational Developments

The Etymological definition of an organization is instrument.

Organizations, like our bodies, are instruments or vehicles for the universe to experience and reflect itself.

In our body all organs are interdependent. When one organ fails all organs have to compensate. Some organs are more


From speaking to several founders i’ve noticed patterns – the same challenges occurring again and again.

The founder or one of the founders is overloaded with work and wants to distribute responsibility yet wants to make sure the founding vision is not compromised.

The employees wants more autonomy and freedom to serve and create, yet are frustrated with the founder always pulling back, micro managing, and not fully letting go of the control.

Another pattern is the succession of leadership to what I call the next wave (of people). Passing on the olympic torch (metaphorically speaking) to a fresh team willing to lead and be led. Lighting the light towers of the next generation so to say.

This is where the torch is often dropped, rejected, and/or ignored. Know-how and knowledge is lost, and the group or organization does not evolve to the next level of development.


Training and workshops

Two things are needed to meet the above challenges (see trainings and workshops below):

  • A operating system: Setting up a self-organzing purpose driven organization (inspired by sociocracy 3.0, Holacracy)
  • Interpersonal skills : Show, reveal, dynamise, and amplify conflicts (of interests), issues and where you might be stuck to co-create solutions and transformation you and of your organization.

I teach the following tools in theory and practice:

  • Conscious Communication: Non-violent communication, Johari’s Windows, the different levels of communication.
  • Circling: what is circling?
  • The personality types of Core EnergeticsTraumas at work
  • Organizational constellation




Meditation Instructions, Workshops & Retreats

Why meditate?

Because by regularily meditating, in whatever form suitable to you, you’ll intend to direct your attention inwards, which allows you to become aware of your thoughts, feelings and sensations.

You might find your body relaxed when you wake up in the morning while meditating (being present HERENOW with what is). You go to work, write emails, speak to your employees, co-workers or your boss, and during lunch you find your body all tensed up.

What happened between your morning meditation and lunch? How aware were you of your thoughts, feeelings, and physical sensations? a regular rythmic reuccuring meditation practice becomes a mirror for you to watch your bodymind.

Buddhist Meditations

  • Shamatha in your meetings – Sitting silently wachting your breath
  • Vipassana – Waling meditation
  • Tonglen – Tibetan prayer on compassion

Osho Meditations

  • Various Dynamic Meditations
  • Meditative Therapies
  • Born Again
  • No-Mind
  • Mystic Rose
  • AUM

Silent Retreats

I offer to organize and facilitate silent retreats in your community and organization, and at carefully and considerately picked locations.




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