Mindfulness is simply being fully present with what you do in every moment. It is directing your attention to the here and now through your senses.

Since we drift off into daydreams or get caught in throughts about the past or the future, we lose track of where we are in the present moment.

I teach practices and methods to implement in your organization or in your daily work life to become more present.

To watch your thoughts, feelings and sensations without acting out every thought. To master your mind instead of being a slave of your mind.

This will transform you and thereby transform you workplace as well.

Buddhist Meditation Techniques

  • Shamatha – Sitting silently wachting your breath
  • Vipassana – Walking meditation
  • Tonglen – Tibetan prayer on compassion

Osho Active Meditations

  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Kundalini Medtation
  • Born Again
  • No-Mind
  • AUM

Shiva’s 112 Meditation Techniques

112 meditation techniques in the form of sutras to disidentify with mind and be

Silent Retreats