I prefer straight and authentic connections and to serve real needs.



Setting up and faciliting the co-creation of holistic, transparent, trust-based eco-systems/networks that empower and enable individuals and groups to consciously create.


Compassionately coaching and consulting you who want to or already work from the heart in aligning more with your heart’s expression.

Organizational Developments

  • Setting up a self-organzing purpose driven organizations(inspired by sociocracy 3.0, Holacracy) *
  • Show, reveal, dynamise, and amplify conflicts (of interests), issues and where you might be stuck to co-create solutions and transformations of your organization .

Training and workshops

Setting up your self-organizing organism

This training teaches you and allows you to come up with a system of self-organizing members/employess/people, which respects the freedom and autonomy of the individual, yet recognizes the necesity of responsiblity and the truth of our interdependence.

It is really about coming up with a way to work together which fits your specfic needs and wishes. There is no one-size fits all!

Authentic Organizations (collectives)

This workshop draws on the practice of circling , which is a form of intersubjective meditation in authentic relation, group psychotherapy, catharis and breathing techniques.

The training is for the radical and couragious of you who are not afraid of going deep and recognize how this serves you and your collective.


I’m interested in the deeper underlying issues, which prevent people in a groups and/or organization from collaborating harmoniously and efficiently

I address or facilitate a process to address the unresolved systemic, interpersonal, and cultural issues which have not been addressed and thereby prevent the group from evolving.

How does it work?

You take contact

We introduce ourselves

You share your challenges, desired outcome of a collaboration, and your needs.

I come up with a offer and share my needs

You provide feedback

We plan and execute

We evaluate

Meditation Instructions, Workshops & Retreats

why meditation?

Because to take the time to sit with yourself allows you to be conscious of yourself, which in turn will align you with yourself.

Buddhist Meditations

  • Shamatha in your meetings – Sitting silently wachting your breath
  • Vipassana – Waling meditation
  • Tonglen – Tibetan prayer on compassion

Osho Meditations

  • Various Dynamic Meditations
  • Meditative Therapies
    • Born Again
    • No-Mind
    • Mystic Rose
    • AUM

Silent Retreats

I offer to organize and facilitate silent retreats in your community and organization, and at carefully and considerately picked locations.


Kollegial F├╝hrung