on food…

Food is a gift. Gifted by the earth in abundance. First and foremost this gift needs to be acknowledged. When you receive a gift from the heart to the heart then it is often received with a thank you, and gratitude. But why is this gift gifted? what is it gifted for? Life is serving […]

Defining, Co-creating or distilling your mission statement

Content Step1: define and develop a shared understanding of the term mission Step 2: co-create your mission statement   Step 1. Define and develop a shared understanding of the term mission 0. When i say mission you might understand and define the term differently then I do, so the first step in this process is […]

Keeping an overview – Externalize! 3 Tools you can use

Instead of keeping everything inside your mind. Externalize it to the tools available online. It will clear your head, and give you some breathing room. These tools are also great for delelation, co-creation and cooperation. Trello is a useful tool to keep an overview of all the different areas of operations. So is metamaps btw […]