The Mirror of the Mind

There was this young man in his 30s looking for himself. He had been looking for himself since his identity crisis with the age of 19. He found his Mind reflected in his surroundings. Truths of his personality, and what was alive in him. His interests, his desires, messages to himself – basically his subjective […]

Dreaming, Designing and Organizing a Retreat – What it takes and tips!

I used to work and live at this eco community which was running a seminar house with a garden of 1,5 Ha, and we would pay our bills by hosting events, seminars, workshops and by designing and organizing our own retreats and festivals. The dreaming and planning started by an invitation from one of the […]

Transforming to Manifest The New

Awaking is a process of transfromation. An exploration of our unconscioiusmind by becoming alert to what is. An exploration of the inner world. Many explorers have explored before, and have made an attempts at mapping the terretory, but as the saying goes: “the map is not the territory”. These maps might be good pointers, but […]

Someone asked me whether to invest in another Netarchical Capitalistic & community exploiting company. Here is my reply (in Danish)

Hvilken virksomhed der er tale om er fortroligt og forbliver dermed anonym i denne artikel. Det gør afsenderen også. Godmorgen en-eller-anden,Paraphrase: “virksomheden er ikke de første på markedet – der har eksiteret en lignende virksomhed der tog en komplet anden drejning.” Det er en katastrofe hvad der er sket med deres geniale koncept. Det er […]

Activism without meditation is bound to fail

I’ll share this compassionate and guiding poem by Rumi: The Public Bath Imagine the phenomenal world as a furnace heating water for the public bath.Some people carry baskets of dung to keep the furnace going. Call them materialists, energetic, fire-stoking citizens.One of those brags how he’s collected and carried twenty dung baskets today, while his […]


Pissed. Træt. Sur. Forsøger st flygte ved at tage en lur Drømmer mørke tanker Efter at have vænnet øjnene til mørket Irriterer lyset Tankerne bliver til en sang En flydende klang Fra fjerne højder Vi skal hjem Nu Hvem er vi når du bruger ordet vi Er det os der sidder i toget Alle os […]